Wildlife. Canon, Nikon, or Sony. Help

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Wildlife. Canon, Nikon, or Sony. Help

So I have a dilemma.

I'll be travelling to Yellowstone in May and I'm looking to replace my Canon 5D mark2 and 100-400 with something better for wildlife. I've been to Yellowstone a couple of times before, so I have a reasonable idea what to expect. Plenty of bison and elk, an occasional bear, maybe a wolf in the distance, and a few birds of prey (and if you're very lucky all of these in 1 day).

In the past I've used a 7D with the 100-400, I was always happy with the lens, but not the camera. Photographing wildlife I want to be able to see detail, every hair, every feather, and I found the 7D to be a little noisy at ISO 800+.

I've been impressed with reviews of the Tamron 150-600, and I've decided to swap my 100-400 for the Tamron. This leaves the camera dilemma. I love my 5D mark2, but it isn't the camera I need right now, so it is going to have to go. What do I get as a replacement?

Canon 70D
Great autofocus
Autofocus @f/11, so I could use a 2x tele-converter giving a max FL of 1920mm equiv.
Remote app for phone
Noisy, no better than the 7D

Nikon D7100
Very good autofocus, maybe not quite as good as 70D, but close
Autofocus @f/8, so I could use a 1.4x tele-converter giving a max of 1260mm equiv.
No remote app
Noise a little better than the 70D at pixel level even with the extra pixels

Sony A6000
Autofocus looks very impressive, but not thoroughly tested
Autofocus sensitivity? may or may not be able to autofocus with tele-converter
Remote app for phone
Expect similar noise level to D7100?
Cheaper than other options

Cost (between these options is not a deciding factor)
Ability to use a tele-converter is an added bonus, not a requirement.  I won't usually use a tripod, and keeping steady at 900mm equiv. will be enough of a challenge for me.

Have I assessed the 70D and D7100 correctly?
Does anyone have more information about the A6000?
Any aspect of the cameras (for wildlife photography) that I've overlooked?

Which would you go for?



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