Upgrading from a D90--D7000 or D7100

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Re: Upgrading from a D90--D7000 or D7100

Helllo all and thank you for your help with this!

I am heeding the advice of those who say to skip the 7000 and go for the 7100. I wish I could wait for the 7200 but I have a photography trip planned for mid-May and I need the new system setup by then.

So I reckon it's the 7100 FTW. I'll look at both the body only and the package with the 18-140mm lens and decide whether or not to sell the D90 with the 18-135 and 55-200 that I bought with it (since I never use it anyway).

If anyone thinks that selling these is a bad idea, please let me know.

I think you'll be happy with the choice and you can always sell the body if the upgrade makes it worthwhile to do so, consider it a down payment and for a few hundred more or so you can get a new one.

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