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Re: 1DX for amateur

Reservoir_Dog wrote:

I want that DSLR soo much, but isnt it totally overkill for an amateur? Im not a beginner but an amateur.... Also, and i admit, a little bit gear freak

Let the comments come, and subscribe down there! (oops this isnt youtube)

Ow yes, its 2 years old, and now with the D4S, is canon going to release a newer 1D camera soon?

i consider myself an amateur and was in a very good situation financially so i purchased the 1Dx, 300mm f2.8II, and 600mm f4II all together at the same time from b&h. now that i am retired i enjoy using them immensely those equipments get me out of the house to the nature and keep me healthy. i learned using 1Dx features quickly because i have a 1dmiv as well. i have to say that 1Dx is completely in a different class by itself. you can only understand that if you own and use one! i don't envy anyone at this point when it comes to photographic gear, i have everything i could dream and more sometimes i feel it is not good to have lots of "L" lenses because most of them get neglected, you have enough time to use only 2 0r 3 and that is it, but it is hard to part with them, also the moral of this, is, if you can afford it, buy it by all means, life is short and enjoy it while you can. so, that is my 2 cent!


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