X-S1 at last

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X-S1 at last

My first camera was a Fuji 9600 Bridge camera and I liked it well enough but didn't really know how to use it. I nevertheless proceeded to buy and use the following: Panasonic FZ8, FZ28, Canon 40d, Nikon D80, Nikon D90, Canon 500d, Pentax K-5, Samsung NX11, Nikon D7000, Pentax K-r, Canon SX50. In addition, and working in a Camera Store, I have had the chance to use many of the other makes and models up to the start of last year.

So after all of that and having spent £thousands, I've finally (??) settled down with my pipe and slippers, and bought a Fuji X-S1.

I love it....., particularly:

- the colours, Accurate and vibrant - as good as the best I've seen elsewhere (the Pentax K-r and Samsung NX11)

- the Dynamic range - In EXR mode better than the Canon DSLR's, but not quite up to the Nikon D7000

- The EVF - large and bright and I prefer it to the optical ones

- The lens - no droop, sharp and immensely versatile

- EXR auto mode is superb

- Exposure - excellent, and more accurate than most of the DSLR's I've had

- Build quality - superb. Feels great and fits my hand perfectly. Lots of direct access buttons give great control. Battery life is excellent also

- Noise control - very good and while not as good as current DSLR's, as good as some of the older models I've had

- Focus speed - Good enough and better than some of the reviews led me to believe. Knowing those conditions where the camera may struggle helps you to develop a strategy to improve this.

- Price - £249 from Amazon - bargain..... an absolute bargain - I bought one even though I wasn't intending to (I was expecting to get a Sony RX10 when the price drops substantially).

- Overall then, it's probably the best all rounder I've had......... as much to do with the fact that it's cost means I'm more likely to 'chance' takjng it around with me far more than I would my expensive DSLR's ............ if you get my drift

So, I've returned to (almost) where I started and I'm a happy chap. The X-S1 (plus my X10) will be kept until it stops working.

Would I have bought it at it's original asking price? Taking everything into consideration with the benefit of hind-sight, yes i would - particularly now I've gotten over the phase of pixel-peeping/technology/obsession I have been through (and i see from some of the posts on these forums, many others are similarly afflicted).

Fujifilm X10 Fujifilm X-S1 Nikon D7000
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