Any tips for shooting with SEL1018?

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Re: Any tips for shooting with SEL1018?

KBKB wrote:

Do you remember what you were focusing on in these shots? If you were focused on something far in the distance, I would expect some blurring of the foreground subjects.

Also, how did you focus? (Did you let the camera do it, or did you do it manually?)

For what it's worth, I looked at them with the loupe and they look pretty much as I would expect them to look. But, hunting around, it also wasn't clear to me where you had the focal point.

Keep in mind that these are long exposures. If there was any wind, you can expect to see an apparent lack of sharpness in foliage and perhaps even in the lights.

Another thing to pay attention to is the quality of your tripod and how you use it. For long exposures, it's best if you don't touch the camera or the tripod at all. (Either trigger the shutter with a remote or use the self timer.) The tripod should be beefy enough to hold the camera steady in the wind, if there is/was any. Some tripods have a hook to which you can add some ballast to help hold it steady.

Below are a few of my holiday light photos taken with the SEL1018. Note in the first one that there's some blurring in the tree due to the long exposure. I used multiple exposures for creating these shots. For some of them, I think I might have used focus stacking to get the immediate foreground in focus as well.

(In the photo above, I made the light reflected from the pool a lot brighter than it was in real life. I like it that way.)

KBKB, nice images. I see you are using this lens with the N7, how much does the magenta cast bother you?

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