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Re: 1DX for amateur

Richard Franiec wrote:

meland wrote:

Reservoir_Dog wrote:

I want that DSLR soo much, but isnt it totally overkill for an amateur? Im not a beginner but an amateur.... Also, and i admit, a little bit gear freak

I started with 20D followed with 40D then upgraded to FF 5DMkII and replaced 40D with 7D for reach reasons. 7D IQ never satisfied me so I've replaced it with 1DMkIV. That was a turning point so when 1Dx was introduced I knew that this is the camera to replace FF 5DII, keeping 1DIV for benefit of 1.3 crop and as a back up for 1Dx. Maybe not financially responsible decisions but I understand you being the "gear freak" and that the happiness have many meanings. It will take awhile before idea of buying any new DSLR will cross my mind. New lenses are a different story.

Let the comments come, and subscribe down there! (oops this isnt youtube)

Ow yes, its 2 years old, and now with the D4S, is canon going to release a newer 1D camera soon?

If you want it, are prepared to carry it and can afford it, then go for it.

I agree fully with meland.


There is a choice, though, when you have that kind of money, of going for a very expensive camera, or a fantastic lens or two..
The lenses last longer...

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