What's this??!! ( circular ring artifacts )

Started Feb 26, 2014 | Discussions thread
mbietenholz Regular Member • Posts: 101
Re: What's this??!! ( circular ring artifacts )

Keit ll wrote:

Hasn't this issue been aired elsewhere & shown to be a result of light leaking into the camera from gaps in the lens mount ? The circular bands vary depending on the direction & colour of the light penetrating into the camera.

I don't think so - whether or not any light will leak into the camera isn't going to depend on the setting of the "Lens Comp: shading".  I did a couple of test shots and it was pretty clear that you got the banding then the "Lens Comp: shading" was enabled and did not get banding when it was disabled.

Lens leaking into your camera may of course *also* cause banding under some circumstances.

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