Let's poll it: Do you use CNX2?

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Re: Speedtest

1w12q312qw1 wrote:

Steve Bingham wrote:

Really? Take a raw file from a D610 - convert it to 16 bit tiff. Using ACR that takes me 1 second (3 year old PC). CNX2 takes many times longer! I guess fast is a relative term. Having run many speed tests I tend to disagree with your statement. I respect your opinion, I just don't agree with it.


My PC and NX2 can convert a RAW 24MB file into 16-bit TIFF in less than a second. ACR is the same, so I cannot explain why you have such a lag with the software.

Here is a Photoshop speedtest posted over at PC-Talk that may help compare everyone's processing time:

Hightail Speedtest

It is very RAM-intensive so max out available RAM in your PS preferences. PS 64-bit usually will run faster. FWIW, my time was 39 seconds.


Yes, I have a time posted here - somewhere - but it was slower than 39 seconds - maybe 59 or something.  I mean your time is quick! My computer is 3 years old but I run at 3.2 with i7 with 16 gb of ram. Tried overclocking to 3.8 but lost the stability.Perhaps newer versions of CNX2 does a faster job. I haven't tested it in two years so perhaps I am mistaken . . . I was getting 5-6 seconds. I pretty much use ACR and PS CS6 99.9% of the time. I do notice that the Nic plug-ins are a little slow loading. (I have the full package which might explain it).

In any case, I guess it is a moot point now. Thanks for your input.


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