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Re: What a Name!

Joseph Tainter wrote:

This has to be one of the worst-named products I have seen--at least in English. Maybe in another language flu means "long life and happiness," but it certainly doesn't in English.

It reminds me of a dentist whose name (from his family name) was Dr. Pain.


Actually, Joseph, the contagion INFLUENZA IS the genesis of the name for these cards, and is a somewhat interesting story...

A few years back the head of a big Japanese electronics company was on a cruise with his family and his daughter had shot a lot of pics with her little P&S camera when something happened to it (I don't recall the detail of whether it was stolen, or the card was corrupted, or she dropped over the side of the ship, or what). At any rate, ALL her pics were GONE. This Japanese electronics executive immediately thought something like, "Hmmmmm, it's a shame nobody has an SD card that will wirelessly automatically transfer all the pics to your smartphone so you'll have a backup in case something happens to the camera, or the card in it." And then he set out to have his company develop such a card.

HE decided to call it a "Flu Card" because he thought it would be such a HIT that it would "catch on" in an almost "contagious" way, just like the Flu. HOWEVER, they've been marketed mostly to the P&S community, and packaged and printed mostly to look like something that's intended to appeal to "tweenie" girls, which I think is at least PART of the reason they haven't been more successful.

As for the Pentax Flu Card, I'm a bit perturbed and intrigued, myself, that at least to begin with they're offering ONLY a 16GB version. Currently, my K-3 has a 64GB UHS-1 card rated at 94 MBPS in Slot 1, set to record RAW only, with the 32 GB UHS-1 Sandisk card rated at 80 MBPS B&H included as a bonus in Slot 2, set to record JPEG only (even so, with the RAW files being three times as big, my 32GB card always says it has room for MORE pictures than does my 64GB card).

At any rate, it would be nice if they'd offer them in 32 & 64 GB sizes, as well.


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