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Re: 1DX for amateur

Reservoir_Dog wrote:

I want that DSLR soo much, but isnt it totally overkill for an amateur? Im not a beginner but an amateur.... Also, and i admit, a little bit gear freak

The question is:

Do its qualities meet your needs? If so, you are well served by the 1D X if you can afford it. The idea is widespread that the differences between the 5D III and the 1D X are only frame rate and a more durable construction - 150 000 shutter cycles versus 400 000 for the 1D X.

That is mistaken.

The internal circuitry of the 1D X is more sophisticated and enables the user to take photos in lower light with higher quality.

Here is my own comparison between the 5D III and the 1D X. Both photos were taken at ISO 51 200 at exactly the same exposure and in exact the same light, from the same standpoint and with the same lens. The results are linked to below.

The Canon EOS 5D III, ISO 51 200:


The Canon EOS-1D X, ISO 51 200:


EXIF data for both are here:

The 5D III photo:


The 1D X photo:


Per Inge Oestmoen, Norway

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