Wide angle for A7/R?

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Re: Wide angle for A7/R?

Godfrey wrote:

Whatever. I don't use ultra wide lenses for subject matter like that. The only way to get such narrow DoF with an ultra wide lens is not only to have a very large aperture but to also work with extremely short subject distances. I dislike the foreshortening distortion that creates.

That's why I want faster lenses so the distance doesn't have to be as close. I rarely want to stop lenses down unless I am shooting landscape. For people shots in lower light on the street or inside then having the ability to open up wider really helps to keep ISO down and/or shutter speeds faster. That's appealing to me. Perhaps with the sensor on the A7/R is doesn't matter as much? I know I can get subject separation by getting closer (e.g., this shot with the Voigtlander Color Skopar f/3.5 lens I shot):

But that's just a 1/2 stop over kit lenses. Meh. At f/3.5 I needed to get too close to create a bit of subject separation. But it's also a pancake lens so that is quite appealing to folks. The vignetting was horrible, imho. Even though it can be fixed, it was just too much (I reduced it some in the image above). I wasn't pleased with this shot. or the lens.

Why do you keep harping on landscape photography? I do some landscape work, but usually with long to very long lenses. I shoot people and abstractive still life, some architecture-ish subjects, with ultra wide FoV. For instance,mat parties I am often using the 24 to 20 mm EFoV.

That seems to be where the lens shines. In any regard, much of that type of photography in the review on this lens I referenced earlier is great for this Voigtlander Ultron 20/1.8 lens (here: http://verybiglobo.blogspot.com/2014/01/sony-alpha-a7-ilce-7-and-sony-alpha-a7r_30.html ). Snippet:

I am sure that Ultron was never meant to be true landscape lens - it is supposed to be ultra wide angle low light event lens, concerts, night streets, parties etc. And it is very good for that because of its respectable performance wide open including sharpness and contrast, and well controlled distortion.

Bokeh is not bad either for this wide angle, build quality is superb. In the world of range-finder lenses it is on the larger side, but in reality it is not that big, while it is rather heavy lens.

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