Let's poll it: Do you use CNX2?

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Re: Speedtest

1w12q312qw1 wrote:

Here is a Photoshop speedtest posted over at PC-Talk that may help compare everyone's processing time:

Hightail Speedtest

It is very RAM-intensive so max out available RAM in your PS preferences. PS 64-bit usually will run faster. FWIW, my time was 39 seconds.



Anyone try this test yet? Download that file, you'll find an atn, manually load that into the PS "actions" folder. Open Photoshop, go to your actions and look for "Speestest - V1"; if it isn't there, go to the actions menu, go to "load action" and click on it. Once it's loaded, just click on the > button and time the test. Other Photoshop tests have you open an image but this one doesn't need that to run.

Maybe some of the frustrations with NX2 stem from underperforming PCs. All of my editing software run blazing fast.

In my honest opinion, that is.


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