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Rick Knepper
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Reservoir_Dog wrote:

I want that DSLR soo much, but isnt it totally overkill for an amateur?

Look at the 1D X as the full featured camera in the Canon product line. One could argue that other cameras in the product line are "crippled" versions for marketing strata. OTOH, some of these so-called features could be viewed as detriments, i.e. weatherproofing adding additional weight and size. (I'd rather buy an umbrella.) just trying to be funny.

To me, if price isn't an overkill for one's personal budget, overkill relates directly to the effort made in learning how a piece of equipment works and the effort in implementing those features. Most folks, pro or otherwise, will meet situations where every one of these features could help if one knows about them. If one wants to tear the camera out of the box and start machinegun snapshooting leaving the manuals in their shrink wrap, then yeah, maybe it is overkill, but that's not about being an amateur, that's an individual flaw.

Just an observation. Many non-pros believe they want a DSLR experience but over time, they tend to turn their DSLRs into P&S cameras (yes, admittedly, a bit of hyperbole). May be true for some pros as well.

I read through every manual for every camera I buy. It takes less than an hour for most cameras. Before the 5D3, most of those manuals were pretty simplistic. This is not to say that I immediately understood every nuance of a given camera just from reading the manual but filling in the blanks is easy via a Google search or asking questions in a forum. The 5D3 manual (and probably the 1D X too) is about twice the pages as the 6D, 5D2 and 5D manuals, most of which are dedicated to the AF. So, add about another hour to your reading.

Im not a beginner but an amateur.... Also, and i admit, a little bit gear freak

Let the comments come, and subscribe down there! (oops this isnt youtube)

Ow yes, its 2 years old, and now with the D4S, is canon going to release a newer 1D camera soon?

And no.

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