feedback on nikon 28mm f1.8

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Re: feedback on nikon 28mm f1.8

alD80 wrote:

I would appreciate any feedback on the Nikon 28mm f1.8

As I understand from DXO it is extremely sharp. ( am using a D800)

What are your thoughts pro and con?


I'm using it about a year on D7100 and found it is extremely sharp at f/5.6. Focus fast and precise. Useful macro and nice bokeh.

Main reasons for this lens was good work against light, nice stars at f/11 and very good and rich colors. Very useful as "only lens for all purpose" on crop. It actually covers need for kit-style zoom lens, because of _very_ good central sharpness. You can crop it 3x and still got very detailed and clear picture. From f/4... f/5.6 it fully outresolves D7100 with its 24MP non-aliased sensor.

The only drawback is longtitudal CA from f/1.8 upto f/4, which affects closeups and close portraits wide open.

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