1DX for amateur

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Re: 1DX for amateur

guatitamasluz wrote:

First I thought: don't feed the troll but at a second thought I'd say: it depends on your photographical preferencies. If you do loads of low light (I do) then why not? If your budget allows that, then why not? I am happy with my 5D3 so far and I just wish, next bodies will slightly improve in high ISO. Don't have the budget for an 1Dx, and for my purposes, as an amateur, the 5D3 is more camera than I will ever need... So go for it. Or join both camps and go D4s. Who cares? Gear just fits one's requirements. Not more, not less. I am looking forward to an overnext 5D body cycle doing decent 51k and very usable 102k.

Im not a troll, this is a genuine question. I want to buy such a camera, and dont upgrade for many years. I also read manuals front to back and again I know, the 5d MK3 is also a very serious DSLR.

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