Touit 12 or Sony 10-18?

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Re: Touit 12 or Sony 10-18?

I shoot mostly shop interiors and almost never outdoors in the sun, so for me the 10-18 is a much more useful lens. The OSS on the 10-18 actually makes it a faster lens than the Touit. I'll get more sharp images with the 10-18 at lower ISO, in other words; better picture quality.

I (personal preference) think that 12mm is a little to wide even on APS-C, I've taken a lot of pictures with a 10-20mm lens and I would say that 90% of all pictures are taken at >15mm and very, very few are taken at 12mm or shorter. The images that are taken <15mm are more for fun or could be called "artistic".

The Sony E 10-18 is one of the best wide angle zoom you can find, it's actually so good that it can be compared to a Zeiss prime, 3D-kraft concludes: "It was also surprising for me how close the Sony zoom gets optically to the Zeiss prime lens."

But I have to agree that you have to be more careful about sample variation with a Sony lens than a (genuine) Zeiss lens. I love Zeiss lenses and if there would have been a 16mm Touit, I would probably have bought that too...

I suggest that you do search on Flickr for "Toiut 12mm" and "Sony 10-18" to see real world examples.

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