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Re: Don't buy the Nex7 right now. A6000 eclipses it.

PVCdroid wrote:

It is really hard to justify buying the Nex7 right now. The A6000, due to ship in late April is much better on a lot of fundamentals particularly AF speed and, supposedly, high ISO performance. The 7 is just obsolete as of now. You merely hear the fact that people have liked it, but its day as a "new buy" are over.

For shooting weddings, which often need fast AF, the A6000 is likely to be a better practical choice than the A7. If you miss the focus the shot is ruined but the FF advantage is often hard to see. If the A7 focus speed were as fast at the A6000, then it would be a harder choice.

"The 7 is just obsolete now"

That's a strong opinion for someone that hasn't used one and based only on preliminary reviews of the A6000.

Not just on that.  Sony says it replaces the 6 and the 7.  If you buy the 7 now, it's value is going to plummet after the A6000 ships.  I could be wrong, but that's my forecast.

There are many older cameras that produce excellent image quality and the n7 will join them.  That doesn't mean you want to buy one of the last ones to ship at near full list price.

We know the N7 produces excellent image quality. The image quality of the A6000 wasn't the best from the recent review but that may be due to preliminary firmware. You may be right but there is no need to throw the N7 out as an option considering the A6000 won't delivery for a couple months.

It is true that if he must have a camera now (which he didn't say) then it would be a consideration.

Just how often do average photogs here shoot with continuous AF anyway? CDAF is still very fast.

Just turn it on .  Not hard, if it makes a big difference.  With the current 5R, which is probably a little faster than the 7, I lose about 5% of moving children photos to oof and don't snap about another 5% to avoid oof.  There is no amount of resolution improvement or high iso improvement that can yield anywhere near 10% more keepers from photos that are a total loss due to oof.  So, I'd say, it depends on what you're shooting, but very fast AF, faster than than the n7, can be a very big deal.

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