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Re: FF is a tough nut

The 70-200 size lens was created for PJs in the film days. Not to be used as a zoom telephoto. On that basis alone Pentax's making of a 50-135 was the correct thing to do for an APS-C. We all tend to use the 70-200 as a substitute for a genuine telephoto as the 70-200 is an APS substitute for a 100-300 like the former excellent Sigma. Which itself stopped being made after Canon made the 100-400L. So in APS-C what we really need is a 70-300 high quality lens at F4-5.6 not a long FF consumer zoom which is what all the others out there are (except the Canon). Oh wait we already got the consumer zoom version with the 55-300. And we have the 60-250/4 which is the same as a 90-375/4 in crop, which is almost identical to the Canon 100-400 in FF.

We have become a society of lazy wildlife wannabe shooters. Let me give everyone a key axiom of telephoto shooting. With equally good lenses, lets say primes, using a 300mm lens closer to the subject will get you sharper results than shooting an equally good 400mm lens from father away. It is simply the physics of optical resolution, period. The only time you shoot at a longer focal length is when you can't get closer or its too dangerous. Not when you are too lazy to get out of the car and get closer to the subject. We all succumb to this on occasion, whether we are good or not. There is nothing that you can shoot with a 300mm lens that can't be shot better with a 200mm lens if you just move your feet.

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