If small sells, sell small

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Re: If small sells, sell small

I think the OP is also leaving open the option of a smaller DSLR FF camera, not necessarily just a mirrorless FF. Maybe along the lines of the SL1, in concept, if not necessarily as small as that camera.

I personally would be VERY interested in such a camera. Maybe not as small as an SL1 or even not as small as other mirrorless offerings. In fact, weight savings is a bigger issue for me than size. If Canon made a 6D like camera that weighed less than 550g, that would likely make me turn away from mirrorless for now. I think the Fuji XT-1 is around 440g and the EM-1 even heavier.

I like to shoot with wide angle, wide aperture primes. For 5DM3, I use 35L and 24L the most. I also have a Fuji XE-1 with 23mm 1.4 (35mm equiv.) for when I want a smaller, lighter camera. I have toyed with the idea of a 6D w/35 f/2 IS, but I don't find the weight savings enough. However, if say an "8D" came out that was 550g or less, I would seriously consider replacing the Fuji with that and maybe even selling the 35L or 24L. Take a look at the following:

1) 5DM3 (940g) + 35L (580g): TOTAL 1,520g (24L - adds another 650g)

2) 6D (760g) + 35 f/2 IS (335g): TOTAL 1,095g (24 2.8 IS - adds another 280g)

3) Fuji XE-1 (350g) + 23mm f/1.4 (300g): TOTAL 600g (on roadmap - "UWA wide aperture prime" - likely 300-400g, I would guess).

So, Fuji with 35mm equiv. is still almost half the weight of 6D plus 35 F/2 IS.


4) Mythical "8D" (500g) + 35 f/S IS (335g): 835g.

Now, we're getting to a point where the incremental weight gain might be small enough that I would dump the Fuji system for the #4 option above for the benefits of better IQ, OVF, responsiveness and staying within one system.  Especially since with Fuji I would be tempted to buy the XT-1, which would bring me up to around 710g for Fuji XT-1 plus 23mm lens, I believe. I would probably then keep the 24L, sell the 35L and buy the 35 f/2 IS and 24 f/2.8 IS.

Canon could probably stop me from running a second smaller system with a light weight FF camera. If Canon doesn't produce a competitive smaller system, then it is likely I will make further investments into the Fuji system. If the Fuji organic sensor turns out to be really great and their cameras keep improving with regards to responsiveness and EVF/AF performance, then I could even see a time when I gradually move towards Fuji as my main system.

I realize for those who shoot telephoto or zoom options more, the weight savings may not be quite as attractive and a mirrorless option then might become more necessary.

Jimmy K. wrote:

Issue: Lens & Lens Mount. Hard to sell the interchangeable lens camera without the lenses.

Sony A7 uses the E-mount, which is same as their NEX (APS-C mirrorless). If Canon comes out with FF mirrorless, it might/should be able to use EF-M natively. Unfortunately, there are only 3 EF-M lenses available currently. EF and EF-S lenses will require adapter.

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