Wide angle for A7/R?

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Re: Wide angle for A7/R?

It's a matter of choices. I don't want lenses that I have to do color shift corrections just to get a normal image to work with. It complicates all the rendering work. If you're willing to add that to your image processing workflow, sure.

For me, I'd much rather have the Elmarit-R 19/2.8 or Nikkor 18mm f/3.5 AI-S. Neither of them show any color shifting and they focus a lot closer without needing a complicated mount adapter. They produce results as good or better than the Voigtländer. The Nikkor is available for a good bit less money too, $450-$800 for a clean example.

The A7, for me, is a one-size-fits-all SLR replacement for almost any SLR lenses, not a Leica M replacement. Far as I'm concerned, most M-mount RF lenses should be used on a camera designed to work with them specifically.

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