Wide angle for A7/R?

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Re: Wide angle for A7/R?

sean lancaster wrote:

Godfrey wrote:

My experience is limited as yet, but small, light, and ultra wide don't mix well with FF sensors. Some friends are using the Voigtländer 21/1.8 and getting good results, at the cost of having to post-process every shot for color shifting. Not for me.

Verybiglebowski has a nice review of wide angle lenses on the A7R (link in his signature earlier in this topic). He shows the color shift of the Voigltander 2/1.8 for landscape. I want a wide angle for lower light street shooting and parties, which is where this lens can shine. It's encouraging that you aren't seeing the color shifting, but are you shooting landscapes?

I said my friends are seeing color shifts, regardless of subject. I don't own this lens and wouldn't buy one ... Not for the A7 anyway. There are better options.

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