Any current/former EM5 or EM1 owners considering a switch to XT-1?

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Re: Looks like I'll be keeping my EM5

dadaoftwo wrote:

Just got a chance to test the XT-1 - a BIG disappointment for me:

1. There was lag on the EVF, not miniscule lag, but very discernible, especially when panning and there was shutter lag as well, not on all shots, but it was there.

How did the EVF compared to the EM5's? Personally, I did not see "very discernible" lag, especially in fast panning. I'm comparing this to my experience with the E-M1 (never tried a E-M5) and Sony A99. Didn't experience significant shutter lag (when considered apart from focusing/focusing confirmation).

What I really love about the X-T1's EVF is how big it is. Very nice for glasses wearers like me.

2. AF - there was hunting, and it wasn't exactly a challenging environment, lots of bright light, ISO @ 800.

What settings were you using for AF? Zone? How big of a focus point were you using? The smallest? Medium? Which lens did you use?

I know this won't be a popular opinion on these boards, but I will wait for the next iteration of the XT series to see how it goes.

Any rate, congratulations on resisting spending full price on a camera that just came out.  I personally feel better to not spend than buy a mistake --- unless you are the kind of photographer that adapts to your gears pros/cons and feel you can ultimately work with the camera.

A plus though is the beautiful pictures OOC, I really wanted to like this camera....

FWIW, I really loved the feel of the E-M1 when I first held one. I really enjoyed the E-M1's main control layout -- although the menus and a number of other features were very frustrating at times to figure out how to set them the way I liked. I of course missed a lot of the options, despite spending a few hours going over the manual and menus. It took a four day rental to come to the conclusion that the E-M1 wasn't for me.  So I'm giving up on m43 for now and selling/giving the four m43 lens and two bodies that I own (old, second rate bodies --- PL1 and GF5).

I came to the X-T1 with the experience of my X100s --- never held/used a Fuji-X interchangeable camera for longer than 10 minutes at the store before this. It felt OK to me at first try. However, walking around for a few hours, shooting with --- while applying what I already learned owning the X100S --- and this camera feels like a great tool. Going over the first set of images on my computer and I saw no surprises --- very much like my X100s.  I look forward to going on a week-long vacation with just Fuji-X stuff and see if I won't miss not bringing my DSLR equipment.

I do find it interesting to see how many reviewers are so happy with the X-T1.  Does make me wonder if these photographers are coming from a 70s/80s SLR film background or maybe were very disappointed with the Nikon Df, and love the X-T1 as the best retro film DSLR to come out so far.

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