FZ200 - Change shooting mode in custom settings

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Re: FZ200 - Change shooting mode in custom settings

Ronomy wrote:

What I did was setup C2-1 in P, C2-2 in A and C2-3 in S. That way when I made changes in any of them the next power up they went back to my stored settings.

You could also setup P non-custom and when you change to A, S or M it will use all the same settings you have in P. I don't us M but I guess there is C1 for that.

The reason why I do this with my C2 setup is because I sometimes use no izoom/ires and other times I do. So my P, A, and S is setup for izoom with different photo style settings from no ires and my C2 settings are without ires or izoom. Different photo style settings when ires and izoom is off. That's how I am setup now but somme times I setup customs differently. C1 I have TC turned on for when I use my 1.7x teleconverter.

I have the custom settings set up for various types of shots: C1 for birds/action, C2-1 for macro, C2-2 for scenic and C2-3 for RAW. For C1 I also have TC turned on for when i use my Oly B-300. I also use P, A, S and M at times with different settings for times when I might use flash or shoot photos of people.

I suspect that I will keep the C1 set for S mode. I wish that I could set min shutter speed to faster than 1/250 so that I could keep C1 in P mode. Birds just move too fast to capture them at 1/250 sec. So many times the body is sharp, but the head is blurred.

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