Using Fuji's as a 2nd camera - I just don't get it?

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Bill Robb Senior Member • Posts: 3,332
Re: Using Fuji's as a 2nd camera - I just don't get it?

Dave Chilvers wrote:

Bill Robb wrote:

Dave Chilvers wrote:

the Fujis are fine for walking around nice and light but given younger legs etc Id reach for my FF Canon everytime. I wouldnt take my host of contax lenses now but just a couple of zooms. I notice that some people have sold there DSLR kits in favor of the fujis which is a big mistake IMHO.

Is that a BIG mistake in your honest opinion too?

Yes, actually Bill. you should always explore all possibilities ( IMHO obviously) you sound angry bill, grab yourself a Canon, it might cheer you up;-)

Grab your balls and give them a good hard squeeze. I find the arrogance on this forum to be astounding. You just won a place in my ignore list.

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