How accurate should I expect AF on a 35mm 1.8 to be?

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Re: How accurate should I expect AF on a 35mm 1.8 to be?

rankamaterur wrote:

The first image you were indicating was FRONT focused, this next image appears to be a bit BACK focused. There are a couple problems with this latest test. The camera view is angled somewhat down towards the target, so that the plane of focus is not parallel to your target. Also, it looks like your target was not quite parallel to the image plane.

If you notice, the right side of the checkerboard is more in focus than is the left, (most noticeable by the reddish fringing from longitudinal CA).

More tests are required to come up with a more definitive answer. The only thing we can say so far is that testing for front/back focus is tricky.



Thank you jim, it is indeed angled down a bit.  I will try to get a straight on shot.

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