Pentax interview pretty clear about FF inevitability....

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Re: For all the FF hype, the estimated FF percentage seems stagnent for this year

Philnw2 wrote:

Yes, but that hasn't stopped FF fans from insisting that we all must move to FF cameras. I agree with you, cost is very much of a factor. When this is pointed up to the FF fans, they then switch to the assertions that costs are going down on chips, as always. It seems so silly that whenever i ask what estimate will proponents make regarding the size of the FF share of ILCs, that folks stop talking about FF. I've gotten far more opinions that the FF share size is not going to get much larger anytime soon than the opposite. In fact when i mentioned my est. of FF share was to be 15% at the end of 2014, i was told that's probably too high.

Surely Nikon, Canon and Sony are estimating their returns on investment in FF.

While the share of FF cameras may be pretty low, Canon and Nikon may be doing quite well by, in effect, pushing everyone towards using FF lenses which must account for a large proportion of their total sales. Obviously they do also sell APS-C-only lenses but they don't seem to be developing their portfolio of those in the way they are developing their porfolio of FF lenses. One guesses this produces a simpler system for them with less overheads all round. Who knows, but perhaps it is also a factor. This is a nice little add-on which benefits incumbents rather than those like Sony who have to produce lens portfolios almost from scratch.

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