Let's poll it: Do you use CNX2?

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Re: Let's poll it: Do you use CNX2?

mtlr wrote:

Same here, CNX2 is faster opening and saving NEFs than LR5.3 in my i5, 8 GB MS Surface Pro 2 and i7, 8 GB notebook, and the photo editing steps are easier and faster too in CNX2.

That's why I'm quite upset about the bad news about the late news about no more CNX2.


If you're using an antique PC, NX1/2 will be slow as a dog. Today's processors should have you cruising well over 4 GHz even with mild overclocking. And if you don't have 8G RAM, you will be pulling your hair out.

NX2 is like in a different realm compared to the original version, RAW files open up lightning fast, but the biggest improvement over the past few years has been the rendering of filters and effects. May not be quite as fast as CS6 or LR, but it is definitely NO slouch. It's a pleasure to use if your PC is up to the task and if you can get accustomed to the UI.

I will miss the U-Point NIK effects and how NX2 interpolates Nikon RAW data, and, therefore,

IN MY HONEST OPINION (which will be in all of my posts from now on)

NX-D just doesn't cut the mustard.


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