UFRaw now handles all Sigma Files!

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Re: UFRaw now handles all Sigma Files!

Hi, i did more with UFRaw and x3f files from the DP2 Merrill. As written in the release (http://www.libraw.org/news/libraw-0-16-release), colors are not matching, so i tried to create a ICC input profile of the DP2M, i am not confident doing this, white balance seems messed up a bit, anyway you can download the file here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mzg35ul5af8wou9/sigmadp2m.icc

After loading the input ICC-file in UFRaw you need to set manually Gamma (0.45) and Lineraty (0.1) and do the white balance also manually by using the color picker tool.

in my result you can see, colors are now produced close to reality, but i run into an other issue, which was already solved by SPP, a green cast on the edges.

Here is the ColorChecker chart developed with the custom ICC file:

I wonder if UFRaw could solve this for the old DPx, is there a way to fix the green cast with Merrill sensors too?

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