Already oldtimer needs to do a little venting

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Already oldtimer needs to do a little venting

I haven't posted much here lately, and I think I have never posted a mostly negative comment on Nikon, but I think the time has come for that. I'm doing it here, since it'll involve APS-C, but not only, and because I'm still a mainly APS-C shooter. The recent triggers have been the announced end of CNX and now the rumor that the new Nikon 1 will come with another slow midrange zoom.

It seems the pattern re lenses for Nikon 1 is same as for APS-C: no fast, HQ, zooms. The original 17-55 f/2.8 is still around, the 12-24 f/4 was already a midQ lens, that's it for APS-C. Now it seems the Nikon 1 line follows the same party line, ie, fast, HQ zooms are only for FF. Nikon has not updated the Dx00 Apsc body and I think they never will.

And they have left all of us that actually learned about digital PP with CNX w/o updates.

I'm not going to invest on either APS-C or Nikon 1 any more, the D7000 will stay as my last one. I'm still planning to get anFF dslr, likely Nikon. And I'll look very hard at a m43 system, for the lightness.

Thanks for the ride, I've learned a lot here, but Nikon seem to not be that interested in keeping APSC as a viable alternative for enthusiasts that like top lenses, that like to see innovative attitudes. Maybe later when they decide to come up with a good, full-fledged ML with APSC sensors. But I'm doubting it, they have become really conservative and it seems FF is their only real interest, if you read recent interviews, etc. and see what they really value by observing the new cameras and lenses.

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