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Re: why f/6.3? tripod for shot #2?

technic wrote:

Dale Buhanan wrote:

CAcreeks wrote:

I wonder if f/6.3 was chosen to maximize DOF. You would think that diffraction would start to be an issue at that aperture, but the architectural details are very sharp.

The EXIF maker notes say "Image Stabilization = 257." Do any Canon experts know what that means? You would think that the photographer would disable IS if on a tripod.

Remember that this is a large sensor camera, just a little smaller than APS-c. So diffraction does not start on this camera until about f11. F16 would be well into the diffraction region, but f6.3 would not. That would be just fine.

That's just theory. The 15-85IS - which is a somewhat similar lens - already gets a bit soft at f/8 and by f/9 it goes rapidly downhill over most of the zoom range. I would not be surprised to see the same with this lens, but starting around f/6.3 already because of the slightly smaller sensor and larger maximum aperture (= peaks earlier).

With most of my m4/3 gear, with a very similar sensor size. I try not to go over f8 as diffraction starts kicking in around there. It's almost unnoticeable from there to f11, beyond there it starts to get bad. MY guess is this one will be roughly similar in that way.

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