Why I Was Angry With Olympus (WARNING GEAR THREAD!)

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I meant the older models were being sold at deep discounts. The E5 is still holding its price


Only £2385

The value of anything is determined by selling prices, and not by asking prices.

Many items are listed at high prices hoping to catch a gullible or uniformed buyer.

Henry's in Canada recently sold an brand newopen box Olympus E-5 for $995 .

Used E-5 bodies are routinely sold on ebay for around $800. Less than half the original purchase price. This can hardly be called "holding it's price." This is a camera that sold for $1800 as recently as 2012, and now can be had for half that price in 2014.

Well after the mount being discontinued whet do you think.

Holds the price a bit better that the other side.

Nipped over to KEH

Pen E-P1 $89 Original Price $800 Release 2009

Pen E-P2 $133 original Price $1099 Release 2010

Pen E-P3 $245 Original Price $899 Release 2011

E-5 $959 Original price ( Till last year) $1699 Release 2010

E-620 $299 Original Price $699 Release 2009

Interesting is it not . One is part of the live system and one is part of a dead system. Although the figures just don't seem to match.

I Know cameras are not an investment but its interesting how the Pens have depreciated.

Err looked on fleabay . Only 3 E-5's at around $1200 .



Looking over at Cameta Camera (on Long Island, NY, just down the road from Olympus), they dropped the "Factory Demo" price, with a 1 year Cameta warranty, on the E-PM1 body to $114.95 (USD). The E-P5 body is down to $619 and the E-PM2 kit is down to $329.

On the Olympus Americas site, a new E-PM2 is now $300 off at $399. the E-PL5 kit is $499.

Olympus Americas has already listed "Refurbished" E-M1 for something like $1119.

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