A7r Annoying Me

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Here's how it works

The A7R does some pretty heavy processing, and because of this, when you turn it off, it's not really off; rather, it enters a low-power standby, much like a notebook computer or a mobile phone when it turns the screen off. When the camera is turned on, it simply resumes functioning from where it left off. A clue to this behavior is that the battery sees some drain even with the camera off. This was an issue with other Sony products, including some of their professional video equipment, such as early XDCAM models.

By contrast, pulling the battery then reinserting it, or after a prolonged standby, the camera goes through the IPL, booting up as it were, using a computer analogy. This takes a little more time, as it needs to reset and initialize its peripherals, read the memory card, etc. I've seen this take anywhere from 3 to 20 seconds. A firmware update might help optimize this process.

As far as autofocus performance, I've owned both the RX1 and RX1R and have found the A7R to be faster in acquiring focus, with the FE55 and FE35 lenses. I haven't tried any other AF lens on it, as the rest of my glass is of the MF variety.

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