Upgrading from a D90--D7000 or D7100

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Re: Upgrading from a D90--D7000 or D7100

Sorry, can't help too much with bees and butterflies, and flowers only a little bit, but sports maybe a bit more.

First, the D7000 is a great camera and will certainly handle, and handle well, just about everything you can throw at a D7100. There are a few places where the D7100 shines IMO, and was ultimately why I went that route. The AF of the D7100 is a better system than the D7000. How much of a factor that is depends on you and what you shoot. I'm also a big fan of the 1.3x crop mode. Yes, you can crop in post and accomplish the same thing, but doing so in camera does a few things...first, it gives you the extra FPS, and while 1 FPS doesn't seem like a lot, I can't tell you how many times it got me the image I was looking for that I just couldn't quite get no matter how hard I tried to play around with timing. The image below of Daisuke Matsuzaka is a prime example of that.  Finally, I've found the corp mode a huge asset in offsetting the fairly shallow buffer in that it allows me to see, and better time, what is about to enter my frame which you can't do with the full viewfinder.

Image quality wise, etc, the D7000 is certainly the more forgiving of the two cameras, and while the D7100 will offer you better outright resolution, the differences are minimal in real world use.

All of that said, you'd probably be better off investing in some good glass than a new body.  Your D90 is a very capable camera, and if you're still shooting kit lenses, you'd probably see more improvement with good glass than a different body.

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