Let's poll it: Do you use CNX2?

Started Feb 26, 2014 | Polls thread
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Re: Let's poll it: Do you use CNX2?

Janoch wrote:

Yes, the one and only converter/editor here.

Love the large thumbs in VNX2 and the crispness from CNX2, I can not get from other editors. May or may not be my skills... but have learned to appreciate the logics and strengths in CNX2.

Feel exactly the same about CNX2 for Nikon NEFs, in most cases can get better results than from DxO, in practically every case can get better results than from Adobe.

One other raw converter/editor which is feature rich and does a very decent job with NEFs is AfterShot Pro in my opinion.

Yes, NX-D is a disappointing step backwards in features, and it particularly annoys me that it doesn't keep earlier edits in NEFs, but as long as it works as a decent, if very basic, raw converter/editor -- I can live with it. By the time my CNX2 becomes unusable on the existing OS platforms, NX-D perhaps will have picked up some enhancements. Maybe this is being overly optimistic, but I think having NX-D is a whole lot better than not having it. The glass is half full in this case.

Will keep at it until the D800 dies, and then it's "Goodbye, Nikon".

Can not believe, what's happening to this company... fingers crossed for someone with sanity to take over and shake them up. A lot.

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