A better (hopefully) test of the 28-70mm @ 28mm f3.5

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Mel Snyder
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A better (hopefully) test of the 28-70mm @ 28mm f3.5

Yesterday in the Boston area, a bright unfamiliar orb broke through the clouds and illuminated my neighborhood. After carefully doing my best to white-balance, I re-shot the test of this lens.

Unlike the last test, I did it on a tripod, and paid special attention to shooting the scene square on, rather than obliquely as in the prior test. I then made 100% crops of the upper and lower corners and sides of the image. I didn't make crops of the lower right and left corners, because they were so close to the camera and in shadow, and would have told me nothing.

I had been thinking of trading this lens in on the 24-70mm Zeiss - to the point where, to finance it without using "working capital," I sold some old AXA shares that had gone nowhere in the 9 years I owned them.

Unless people persuade me this lens is truly crap and my eyes don't see it, I now think I will put the $1000 toward the purchase of a new headsail for my boat. This is "good enough" for a walk-around lens.

Full frame

Left edge 100%

Right edge 100%

Upper left 100%

Upper right 100%

Center 100%

What do you see? Significantly inferior to the 24-70?

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