Any current/former EM5 or EM1 owners considering a switch to XT-1?

Started Feb 19, 2014 | Discussions thread
Ray Sachs
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One of each...

EM1 for zooms and telephotos (12-40, 35-100, 75, 75-300).

Fuji for primes (14, 18, 23, and hopefully 56 soon).

Ultra wide I'm undecided - I currently have a 7-14 but may get a 10-24 and see which I like better. I tend to prefer 3:2 for landscapes, but I like the way the taller m43 format pulls in so much dramatic sky.

If I end up with a 10-24 and sell the 7-14, I may also get some sort of Fuji telephoto just to have a full Fuji-only travel kit. But generally, m43 wins by so much on size for zooms and teles that I'll always have some of that in my kit. And I like Fuji's primes more and the 3:2 aspect ratio. I shoot primes and wide a lot more than long, so the Fuji stuff gets a lot more use, but m43 definitely has a place in my kit. I like them both for IQ, but differently, so it's nice to have both in the kit for that reason too.

I had an RX1 and absolutely loved it, but the Fuji 23 at f1.4 pretty much equals the RX1 35 f2.0 for low light and shallow DOF and comes close enough otherwise. And I can have a pretty complete kit of Fuji primes for what I had tied up in the RX1...


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