EM-1 feels like a huge dissapointment

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EM-1 feels like a huge dissapointment

So, I have a lovely new EM-1 and 12-40(still in the box!) and I couldn't be less impressed with it if I tried, guess I am always going to be Panasonic over Olympus.

What I mainly dislike, apart from lots of other things but mainly these;

battery drain is severe, you probably need a couple of spare minimum especially if you take a bit of video

Video is a huge disappointment c/w EM-5, maybe I have a bad copy but the IBIS seems to want to overcorrect to me, it feels lumpy and I can't work with it, c/w OIS and then a touch of s/w IBIS it is a step back and the lack of frame rates make me wonder why I bothered at all.

Focus Peaking, man that is horrible, c/w Panasonic you can't be serious that is actually peaking at all, yuk, and absent in video, no biggie as the evf is class for sure but still its not there for assistance like it is on the GX7.

What is good, to be fair:

EVF, but is it really better than the GX7? the GX7 is certainly as good but in a different way, finer grained c/w EM-1 smoother-crisper I guess.

Grip and size are nice and the buttons and feel are real quality.

AF, is very sure footed, in lower light it is certainly better than GX7 for locking on, but the actual results are similar. Tracking I think will be far superior on the EM-1, but havent used the caf of the GX7 really, buffer is smaller too.

OOC jpgs are sublime, if you only shoot jpg you couldn't do better, surely? Panasonic have a lot to learn from Oly re jpg.

Overall, I could go on but the love isn't there, GX7 is much more the complete hybrid, if it had the external mic input it would probably be perfect.

Also, a couple of notes;

Detail in raw, sharpness, whatever you want to call it are absolutely identical, absolutely upto a point! (How on earth dxo came up with those numbers for lens sharpness on the GX7 is a total lie, they should remove those results immediately) Also, the GX7 is far better at high iso 1600+, it might be as much as 1-2 stops, not sure, am in no rush to check, can do it at leisure but dxo had a bad GX7 full stop because high iso is certainly superior on GX7. I thought maybe I have a bad copy of EM-1 but it certainly seems OK and at lower iso shows very similar results to the GX7 so am guessing this is it, the raw truth so to speak.

Oh well, at least I now know.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7
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