My D600 experience : why so much intolerence and negativity?

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My D600 experience : why so much intolerence and negativity?

I’m a new Nikon user. I shoot with m4/3 system too and my previous FF was a Canon 5D.

When I bought my first Nikon, a D600, in April 2013, I had never heard about the dust issue, even if it has been known for some months.

I came to this forum to ask some advice and share some pictures, and found some really nice and helpful people. I was really happy with the D600, which is an awesome camera with a state of art IQ.

But after some time spending on this forum, I discovered that there was a so called “dust issue“. I begun to read it and, unfortunately, it was a big mistake! First I didn’t care at all, but little by litte it grew on my head. I went paranoid about it, frantically took a lot of blue sky pictures to hunt for dust, and was horrified to found some! I tried the in camera cleaning function, but it didn’t worked. Then I bought Visible Dust sensor swabs and cleaned the sensor. Dust was gone, I was happy again. But it came back after some months. At this time, Nikon issued the D610. I felt very bad about it, cheated. disgusted, and shared it on this forum.

But at the same time, I spoke with a local independent photographer and shop owner who sells all brands, and she told me that she didn’t clean more Nikons than Canons, and that this D600 dust issue was blown out of proportions on internet forums.

This time I realized I got caught by inflated forum hysteria that went hyperbole! So I cleaned my D600 again, stayed away from this forum, and begun to love my D600 again. Fortunately, since then, dust didn’t happend anymore (only a coincidence). Now if it appears again, I know I can send it to Nikon and they will replace the shutter.

But now, I’m reading the news and the forum again and I’m saddened and taken aback by the amount of intolerence and negativity ! Should I say hate ? To my surprise, people have gone that far to fill several class action law suits against Nikon.

Of course Nikon communication and management wasn’t brillant at all about it. Their biggest mistake, IMHO, was the D610 in response to this issue. But hey, all brands have their problems, and no camera is perfect. All DSLR collect dust after some time of changing lenses. Yes, some D600 had an internal problem generating dust and oil, but sending the camera to service usually solved it, despite some few exceptions (were they all honest?).

Some people argue that class action law suits lead Nikon to issue the recent service bulletin. It’s probalby true. In the US, people have won trials for less than that (I remember MacDonald had to pay because their coffe was too hot!). This may be a good consumer protection if used by good people for legitimate causes. But unfortunately, it’s very often pushed by lawyers to win money. And that’s pretty bad because it make insurance cost’s to grow higher and higher, and people’s intolerence grow to intolerable levels.

So c’mon, Nikon is just a company. It makes great photographic tools and has its lot of problems like all companies. Maybe they have a bad management now, but managers can change. And bad management don’t prevent Nikon’s cameras and lenses to be excellent photographic tools. But that’s only tools, and like all tools, they're not perfect.

Maybe we should question ourselves about our tolerence level ? If it’s too low, could it prevent us to be happy ?

It’s better to be tolerent and happy than intolerent and forever unhappy. That seems just basic common sense.

Don't you think it's time to enjoy photography now that Nikon solved the problem?

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