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vintage camera review

a friend of mine gave me this old camera, it's the oldest digicam i own. i was corious and started reading the dp review. 15 years ago this "bridge camera" offered 14x optical zoom on a small tiny sensor, the price was accordingly high to match this unique feature. infact the camera costed a bit more than the olympus c2000 wich took much better pics but could only count on a 3x zoom.

i found a 3,5 disk, turned the camera on and started using it. what great memories came back to my mind! at every pics i took the camera needed 4-5 seconds to write on the disk, and i could hear the good old "kzzz-bzzz-clonk". hahaha that was great fun!

it's incredible how much things have changed few years after this camera was launched: the olympus camedia, the great minolta 7, fuji superCCD, canon G, all those cameras take pics that are still good today.

the mavica fd91 in conclusion was terrible in iq, but the optical zoom was incredible for the time. you can see in the pics i charged on my gallery. the 3,5" disk was the cheapest way to store images, i remember the price of CF and other cards in those days was simply eyewatering. and with 1 megapixel it can store 10 pics.

another positive surprise is the bult quality that reflect the original price of the thing. the plastics are still perfectly solid, the buttons operate precisely. the battery is still able to fill up several disks. overall great fun.

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