Has anyone gone from a Sony to Canon?

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Re: Has anyone gone from a Sony to Canon?

Milamemories wrote:

I am considering a mark III or the Nikon D800

I think the best way of understanding them for people who know about the rest of the product lineup is that the 5D Mk III was in response to the D700 which did both professional & enthusiast duty at the same low megapixel count of the professional flagship of the time. So Canon responded with slightly better fps & focus in the 5D III compared to previous models, as well as trumping the D700 with a higher pixel count. With the low megapixel count market secure, Nikon went for the highest pixel count they could for people who didn't need the fps, with the D800. So in the D800 you get the highest image quality available in the format, and in the 5D III you have something a little more generalised, tougher and more versatile, especially if you can use Magic Lantern hacks.

Apart from this you can look at specific lenses.

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