Is xt-1 another in long line to make fastest AF claim, only to be total letdown?

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Re: Is xt-1 another in long line to make fastest AF claim, only to be total letdown?

Brian Caslis wrote:

My point was you were saying you wanted to move to Sony for better AF. Maybe the Sony has better AF than the Fuji. That is very hard for me to believe.

Why? Because "reviewers" raving about X-T1? Same people raved about X-E2, calling it "fast", and now they say that X-E2 in not that fast, but take a look at X-T1... marketing promotion works

See the video reviews by The Camera Store of both the A7 and X-T1. They rave about the AF on the X-T1 and say the Sony is "not bad". That says it all. Get the Sony for obvious reasons like IQ. Buying it for the AF is a fools errand.

Those "reviews" are having nothing common with reality. If Nick Devlin said that on the LCD images looks "pretty sharp" it doesn't means nothing to me, because he never showed sequence of photos of fast-moving subjects, and that they are properly focused. My point was, if X-T1 and A7 are at the same level (speed, accuracy and etc) of AF, there's less arguments to justify purchase of X-T1 for 1300$ over Sony A7 for 1600$, because Sony beats Fuji in image quality (in RAW). There's only 3 reasons to take Fuji: SOOC jpeg, color, and lens selection. While first two are subjective to each people preferences, lens selection is harder to beat, although Sony could catch up quickly.

You obviously don't want to hear or believe input from someone who has used this camera for three months. That's fine but it's silly to argue when you have no actual experience with the camera.

You have no actual experience with Fuji's - but it doesn't stop you to make conclusion that "Sony sucks, Fuji is better" based on promotional "reviews". I can find pretty large amount of AF-test videos for Sony A7, even with subject tracking, but haven't seen one for X-T1, that convinced me yet, that it has "fast AF, great tracking".

In fact, this video shows quite opposite

That in dim light Fuji is still very slow to achieve focus at 55mm focal length, and 18-55 is very fast lens, 35 and 60 primes are much slower, so you can imagine "amazingly fast AF" with them.

I gave you an opinion of a guy, who owned almost every Fuji camera, couple of Sony NEX's, and Canon/Nikon DSLRs over the years. He is not brand-fanatic, and not Sony-Fuji-etc insider, that's why I trust his opinion.

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