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I've always been more of an Astia person myself...but these look nice. I agree, you probably could have gotten an extra 1/2 stop or so safely.

Thanks Dave. I have 5 rolls of Astia in my freezer. I'm not sure what to shoot with them as I have never used this film before. I know that it is good for portraits, but what else would you recommend that I use this film on?

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It is nice for portraits in natural light. I actually like it as a landscape film because it has about 1 stop more dynamic range than Velvia....and the grain is a bit finer. It has been my goto film in 35mm and my Bessa R2a on many trips to Arizona. I bulked up and have nearly 400 rolls of 35mm and nearly 300 sheets in 4x5. I ran a test a couple of years ago and from a drum scan, it was grainless at 32x40....and sometimes 40x50.

That's impressive even if it's 4x5 you're talking about. That's a sheet of film that's 20 sq. inches, far larger than 35mm (135) film, 21 times larger. Ignoring aspect ratio differences, 32x40 is 1,280 and 1/21th of that is just under 61, so the same film would be able to produce similar "grainless" prints from SLRs at up to sizes of about 6.35x9.6".

It's no wonder that digital SLRs replaced film SLRs so quickly. I wonder how large prints can be made from D600 and D800 photos before the grain (pixels) can be seen. Surely it's much larger than 6.35x9.6".

And they will do it with less resolution and bayer interpolated color.

Less resolution than 4x5's for sure. But photographers doing landscapes (not B&W copy work) with commonly used color film in a film SLR won't be able to match a D800 class camera. If you think that film color is more accurate than can be attained by Bayer sensor cameras, you've forgotten much of what you used to know. So many different emulsions. So many different colors. Colors that vary from lot to lot, from year to year. Even when film usage was at its peak, why do you think that so many pros bought huge batches of film, taking brick after heavy brick along on photo shoots. Because they didn't want the colors to change in mid-shoot.

And then you need to use an expensive lab that keeps their tanks scrupulously clean, keeps the chemicals from deteriorating, and maintains fine temperature control, none of which are problems for advanced photo editors.

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