A few questions about a tripod head...

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Re: A few questions about a tripod head...

Tuloom wrote:

turnstyle wrote:

I think I'm just realizing something -- with the Wimberly P5 (and most other plates) -- if I use the clamp with the handle, the handle will be pointing out toward the side.

But if I use the Desmond P-25 (which I do understand you think is too small) -- in that case, the handle would point back toward me.

Is that right? eg, the classic arca plate has a specific width, and variable lengths -- and with the Wimberly P5, that width runs side-to-side under the camera -- whereas with the Desmond P-25, the width runs front-back. Yes?

thx, -Scott

First, Sal just brought up another important point---- safety stops on plates. That Desmond P-25 plate does not have them. The Wimberly P5 does and so do others. The stops (small Allen bolts) are spaced far enough apart they straddle the base of most clamps. If the clamp somehow loosens, the stops prevent the plate and camera from falling out.

Yes, that handle would be out to the side. When you have your eye in the EVF that handle is going to nothing but awkward to use in any orientation, I imagine. It's really a video feature. With the LCD it might work out, but the disadvantages out weigh the advantages to me.

Thanks, I really appreciate that you're willing to engage my questions, even though I'm asking about some solutions that you think are not ideal.

But one detail I don't quite get -- why would the handle work for video, but not for photo -- aren't you looking through the EVF or LCD and aiming the camera in either case?

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