Touit 12 or Sony 10-18?

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Re: SEL1018

There's far more people here with the 10-18 than the Touit 12, so that's what most will recommend... personally I have the Touit 12 and have been very happy with it.

Here's a review with comparison shots from each lens:

The conclusion seems to be that the Touit 12 is a little bit better, particularly in the edges/corners, but the Sony 10-18 comes close. If you pixel peep the f4 images of the brick wall at full resolution, you'll be able to see the difference.

The 10-18 obviously has the flexibility of a zoom; can go wider; has OSS (which is handy for low light and/or for video); and will give you better coverage of a full frame sensor, if you ever upgrade to an A7.

The Touit 12 has a better build quality, and likely better quality control; has a larger max. aperture (f2.8 versus f4 for the Sony); won't give you magenta corners with an NEX-7, if that's what you're shooting with; and as I mentioned seems to have marginally better image quality.

One thing I'll say is that the Touit 12 is crazy sharp, and on a NEX-7 I can easily do an 18mm equivalent crop and still have extremely good results. So that gives you more flexibility than you might think (though it's obviously easier to frame an 18mm shot with a lens that zooms to 18mm, rather than with a 12mm lens, where you have to visualize where you're going to crop...).

They're both solid lenses. I think it comes down to personal preference and which of the relative attributes are more important to you.

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