A few questions about a tripod head...

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Re: A few questions about a tripod head...

Tuloom wrote:

turnstyle wrote:

Thanks, hope you don't mind a follow-up...

1) For a "reality check" -- with a plate on the bottom of my NEX-7, it seems to me it will continue to sag if I point by holding the camera body (unless I use something like ASTAT). But if I hold the plate beneath it, I eliminate the sag -- but then holding that plate is awkward. So isn't a handle a good way to point the camera, only touching at the plate, so no sag? Meaning: with a plate on the camera, and no handle -- don't I still have to hold the plate to eliminate sag?

2) The appeal of that Desmond P-25 25mm plate is that the NEX-7 is still narrower than 25mm at the bottom -- so isn't more than 25mm making it deeper than necessary?

Thanks for the help, -Scott

1. Do eventually get the ASTAT. It's too great a solution to ignore for non-rangefinder lenses.

A Handle might work for you. Really, it's your call. It looks like it's removable in the product photos, so not a big deal if you don't like. Without a handle, I take most of the weight in one hand by the plate and stem of the ball head, the other hand just lightly guides the camera. I think someone else said they do the same.

2. That plate is too small. You want more surface area b/w camera and plate for stability. The Wimberly plate is 36mm wide and it goes basically unnoticed on both an A7 or NEX 6.

I think I'm just realizing something -- with the Wimberly P5 (and most other plates) -- if I use the clamp with the handle, the handle will be pointing out toward the side.

But if I use the Desmond P-25 (which I do understand you think is too small) -- in that case, the handle would point back toward me.

Is that right? eg, the classic arca plate has a specific width, and variable lengths -- and with the Wimberly P5, that width runs side-to-side under the camera -- whereas with the Desmond P-25, the width runs front-back. Yes?

thx,  -Scott

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