A few questions about a tripod head...

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Re: A few questions about a tripod head...

Tuloom wrote:

turnstyle wrote:


Now I'm thinking about getting this clamp:


The advantage being that I can screw in that handle, and use it to point the camera (which should mostly eliminate the sag.

So, that clamp and this plate:


For an NEX-7

Is that a sensible solution?

Thanks to all for helping me get up to speed.

The clamp should be fine. It's cheap enough to allow you to experiment and figure out if you really need to put out for the expensive stuff. If you think you want the "video" arm, go for it. But I'm with everyone else. I believe it is just going to get in the way.

I would not buy that plate. It's too small for the camera. I would get a Wimberly P5 plate. It's a perfect fit on the A7. Your camera will sit flat with the Wimberley plate and it's very high quality.


Thanks, hope you don't mind a follow-up...

1) For a "reality check" -- with a plate on the bottom of my NEX-7, it seems to me it will continue to sag if I point by holding the camera body (unless I use something like ASTAT). But if I hold the plate beneath it, I eliminate the sag -- but then holding that plate is awkward. So isn't a handle a good way to point the camera, only touching at the plate, so no sag? Meaning: with a plate on the camera, and no handle -- don't I still have to hold the plate to eliminate sag?

2) The appeal of that Desmond P-25 25mm plate is that the NEX-7 is still narrower than 25mm at the bottom -- so isn't more than 25mm making it deeper than necessary?

Thanks for the help,  -Scott

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