Adobe Elements 9 to Lightroom 5.3 ===> My experience

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Re: Adobe Elements 9 to Lightroom 5.3 ===> My experience

From the OP  .....

After messing around with Lightroom for a week I must say I have completely changed my opinion of Adobe WRT photography.  I personally would like to thank all the devs for making such a well crafted application.  IMO  Adobe has been shooting itself in the foot by selling Elements.  My bad experiences with 1/2 done features, bugs and no updates prevented me from even trying LR until 5.3 and PS.

So I went on and tested CS6 and then bought it.  I am a academic so I got a decent price for both.  If I didn't I probably would have went with the photographers CC for 9.99$.  That is IMO way better than Elements 9, which is the last version I would even consider buying.

Now that I have a hard version I may even consider joining CC in a year or 2 if it is still about 9.99$.

Can anybody comment on this question:  If in a year I decide to do the CC, and after a year I decide I don't want it, will I be able to save all my files in a format that CS6 can fully access before my license expires?

LR and CS5 exceeded my expectations in every way so far ........ even on my crap E-450 laptop.

If you read all my posts you will see I did have a fair number of minor issues but a 100X less than I expected and those issues were hard to foresee and easy to work around.

Adobe ... you should really look into that importing a PSE catalog introduces commas into keywords in LR.  It caused subtle problems on my system after only a few hours with pictures constantly getting out of sync between catalog and file.  This could cause end users headaches and corrupt the database.

All that would be is a simple check for commas before import and a dialog box asking the user to remove the commas before importing.

I am also impressed with the way LR and PS handles system resources. PSE pegs all my cores on my laptop and PC, while PS and LR doesn't.

As a further note I tried my first third party plugin for LR = LR/Enfuse which is basically 2 click HDR.  I tried a few multiply exposed scenes and it did as good a job as I would have in the few scenes I tried. None were complicated landscapes with ill defined regions though.

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