K3, K5iis or keep my trusty K5

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Re: K3, K5iis or keep my trusty K5

emem wrote:

bkpix wrote:

I agree that the body is not necessarily the limiting factor in autofocus.

But in the absence of fast-focusing long glass from Pentax, it might as well be.

I'll be very interested to see in the coming six months or so how the K-3 establishes itself. Unfortunately, my week-long rental came at a bad moment for me to get out and do as much testing as I would have liked, so I'm still paying attention to other reports. Another problem is that AF is very hard to devise a repeatable test for -- especially continuous focus.

But, in general, I don't think that Pentax has bridged the performance gap to Canon-style autofocus just yet.

Well my test for the Pentax in AF-C with the DA*60-250 is simply to stand on the footpath on a busy road and shoot the cars coming towards me at 60 to 70 klms an hour (which is around 18 mtrs per second), starting the sequence when the car is about 100 to 150 metres away and giving it a couple of bursts. That camera/lens combo manages to get almost every shot in focus. I shoot in continuous low and continuous medium - both are ok. I've also shot football players running towards me, ducking and weaving as they come and again 90% of the shots are in focus. I can't see any other APS-C combo being much better than that. But there aren't a lot of lenses that would do that. I'm guessing the DA*300 would?

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Mike McEnaney. (emem)

Have you ever handled, for example, a Nikon D700 with 24-70/2.8?

I have, and I also have had a Pentax 60-250 on my K-5. I know the lenses aren't comparable in focal length, but the Nikon combs is way faster.

You say the K-3 plus the 60-250 had 90% of the shots in focus. To me, that only underlines that the problem is not in the body. What you did not say, though, was how many shots you got. When the lens focuses faster, the body can get more shots in the same amount of time, because it has to spend less time refocusing the lens. I think this is probably where Canon/Nikon are better than Pentax.

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