A few questions about a tripod head...

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Re: A few questions about a tripod head...

Tuloom wrote:

I have a 496 on a monopod. You can switch clamps. I put a cheap Amazon ARCA QR clamp on it. It works very well. The RRS lever clamp will work as well, but it needs the right size plates to work. RRS has some notes about that on their site. As an example, the integrated dovetail on the Novoflex ASTAT tripod collar will not lock up in the RRS lever clamp. A screw-type clamp, OTOH, can use any Arca dovetail plate (that I've tried).

I recommend you buy the Desmond clamp above, an Arca plate of your choice, and use the Manfrotto head for a while with the new clamp. You may find it completely adequate. The Nth degree quality of RRS, Makins, etc. isn't always required. If you find something inadequate, then you can go back to looking at the more expensive options. All you'll be out it the cost of the Desmond Arca clamp.

Now that I've had a chance to think, this is actually quite interesting -- a way to get started without having to spend too much.

So, I would just keep using my Manfrotto ballhead, and I would need just these two items:

1) http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EIQNBXA -- Skeleton Clamp Desmond DAC-X1 50mm QR Lightweight w Bubble Level 3/8" w 1/4" Adapter Arca Compatible for Tripod Head

I wound up selecting with this clamp rather than the one you mentioned above only because it seems to be a bit smaller and presumably a smidge lighter.

2) http://www.amazon.com//dp/B00B13QQGM/ -- Desmond P-25 25mm QR Lens / Camera Body Plate Arca Compatible & D-Ring P25 DP-25

I picked this clamp because it seems to be the narrowest, and therefore hopefully the most suitable for use with an NEX-7 (and cheaper than the Novoflex equivalent, which might also not be compatible with RRS clamps).

Is that about right? Just use those two things with my old Manfrotto ballhead, and I have a pretty useful QR setup for my NEX-7?

Then, if the sag keeps bugging me, I can switch over to using a Novoflex ASTAT-NEX into that same Desmond Skeleton Clamp?

Though I guess this doesn't have a horizontal panning option -- is there something like the Desmond Skeleton Clamp that also pans?


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