Aperture question, re: sharpness

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Re: Aperture question, re: sharpness

a13 wrote:

Just a couple of musings that I'm posing to myself..

1. Is the absolute sharpest a lens can and will ever be, when it is stopped all the way down to its smallest aperture?

No.  This is actually likely to be the softest a lens can and will be, due to diffraction effects.

Follow-on from above,

2. If so, is that because it's using the very centre of the lens when it's stopped all the way down like this? Meaning that 1) will be true for each and every lens, without exception (well, except maybe ones designed to be sharper on the edges than in the centre...)?


3. If a FF lens is stopped down to f/22, what is the f-stop on an m43 that would match the same exact PHYSICAL opening diameter of the FF lens @ f/22?

F/numbers are independent of format. What matters is the focal length.

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